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Cable clamps and cable blocks certificatesCable clamps and cable blocks certificates
Cable clamps and cable blocks certificates

KOZ® Trefoil TRI and Trefoil TRI eco series

Both types are suitable for installing 3 cables in a Trefoil formation.
The TRI and TRI eco series consist of two parts, a bottom part and a upper part.

Both clamps have two mounting holes for threaded rods or tap bolts and both the upper part and the bottom part have integrated chambers, so that the nuts at the bottom and in the middle are nicely concealed.

The bottom part is also provided with a central center hole, which offers even more installation options.

The difference between the 2 series is in the design, the TRI eco series is lighter in design, so that we can offer it more economically. Because of this there is a difference between the maximum force. You can always ask us for advice on which cable clamp is suitable for your current situation.

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